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Does a Property Manager need to be licensed in Georgia?

Yes! Any individual managing properties for a different entity must be licensed in the state of Georgia. At Athens Realty Plus & Property Management, we have multiple licensed real estate agents who can assist with all aspects of buying, owning, managing, and selling homes. 

What legislation do I need to be aware of before I rent my house?

Rentals are regulated at various levels of government, including local, state, and federal, with laws addressing fair housing, habitability, tenant rights, applicant screening, and rent-ready standards. Our Property Managers undergo continuous education and training to ensure your property management remains in full compliance with all applicable rules, regulations, and laws.

Where will my property be advertised?

Our marketing program syndicates listings across 50+ major platforms, including Zillow,,,, etc. to attract high quality applicants from many different sources. 

How do I access my financial reports?

Our clients can access their financial reporting 24/7 through their secure online portal (click here).

How involved am I in the leasing process?

We work with owners to determine an appropriate rent amount for a unit. Once that is set, we handle all aspects of marketing, applications, and leasing. You can trust us to pick the best qualified candidate for your unit while ensuring compliance with all Fair Housing legislation!

Who handles maintenance?

We do! We will take care of all maintenance requests (even those emergencies in the middle of the night) using our pre-screened, high-quality vendors. 

Is Athens PM the best option for my real estate investment?

If you are looking to build a strong relationship with a full-service property management company that believes in honesty, transparency, and fairness, Athens PM is the right company for you! We believe in keeping your units well-maintained to benefit both the resident and the owner.

How long has Athens Property Management been in business?

We've been serving the Athens community since 2019, when we opened our doors at "OTPM." We rebranded as "Athens Property Management" in 2022 with a change in ownership. Michelle Thomas, our company owner, has been a practicing real estate agent since 2007 & a property manager since 2010. Following her guidance, our top priorities are maintaining excellence in customer service, transparency, and honesty. 

Where can I find references from your current clients?

While we have positive client reviews on our Google Reviews, we think the best way to research a company is to review the Better Business Bureau complaints the company has received (Athens Property Management has not received any BBB complaints in the history of our business).

Should I leave behind my washer & dryer?

If you provide it to the tenant, you must maintain it & fix it when it breaks. You are not required to provide these appliances, so we only recommend leaving well-functioning ones.

How do I get paid each month?

Our accounting team reconciles the bank account on a daily basis. Beginning on the 10th of each month and continuing daily, owner funds are distributed via eCheck directly to your preferred bank account.

What if the tenant doesn't pay rent?

We handle the entire delinquency process. If necessary, we will also file, represent, and perform the eviction process.

Do I need to pay a maintenance reserve?

Yes, we must hold a reserve of $500 per property (not per door). These funds are yours and will be safely placed in our bank trust account for your property's needs. We will use this reserve to pay bills that come in after you get paid out, but before the tenant pays rent again in the following month. This replenishable reserve will be maintained while we manage your property & returned to you if management changes. 

*Reserves across a large portfolio can be negotiated based on quantity of properties and condition of properties.

Can you help me buy or sell real estate?

Absolutely! With several licensed, experienced agents in our office, we are ready to help you find your next home or investment property today! 

Will Athens Property Management manage my property if I already have a tenant in place?

Absolutely! When we bring a new unit on with a tenant in place, we do a full review of their account to ensure the lease and balance are current. Should there be any delinquency or violations, we will work with the tenant to meet the expectations within the lease or vacate the property. In almost all cases which result in an eviction filing, our Property Managers are equipped to represent the owner in court. 

What does property management cost?

Click here to view our pricing!

How do you screen tenants?

We run background, credit, and eviction checks on all applicants, as well as verifications for income and residential history. Then, we offer the available unit to the best-qualified applicant. This ensures that we place the best quality tenants. We comply with all federal and state laws governing applicant screening and fair housing. 

For this reason (fair housing laws), owners cannot be involved in the tenant selection process. You can trust that we will minimize risk to you by placing high quality tenants.

Do I have to accept pets in my rental?

The short answer is no. Our recommendation would be to consider the ideal renter for your property. At least 35% of our current tenants (as of April 2024) have pets & it is frequently a determining factor for renters looking for a place to live. Allowing pets may broaden the applicant pool for your property. 

In what condition does my property need to be in order to rent it?

Quality properties attract quality tenants, so you want to offer an updated & clean property. We can help with making sure the unit is rent-ready, compliant with habitability requirements, and marketable to high quality applicants. 

Who holds security deposits?

We do in our security deposit trust account. While we manage your property, we'll handle all aspects of collecting and returning security deposits to tenants to ensure your property is in compliance with GA law.

How do I get started?

Click the link below to get in touch with our property management team today!

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